Physicians Trust CallGroup.

I used to get calls from the floor all the time as it was hard for the nurses to know who was on-call and when. Now, they all call one number and it ALWAYS goes to the correct person. My family is also very happy that when I finish on-call, I am not worried about being called in the middle of the night when someone else is actually on-call.

Dr. Isabel Li

The CallGroup system is easy to use and makes finding the person on call easier. It has cut down on the number of misdirected calls, especially if you changed your call with a colleague and the wards or emergency room or locating wasn’t updated properly.

Dr. Dawn Ng

For our Palliative Care group, CallGroup provides a simple and reliable way of signing out when we are off and a simple way to be contacted when we are on call. The single number to call is simple for patients and colleagues as well.”

Dr. Marianne Belau