Physicians Trust CallGroup.

I used to get calls from the floor all the time as it was hard for the nurses to know who was on-call and when. Now, they all call one number and it ALWAYS goes to the correct person. My family is also very happy that when I finish on-call, I am not worried about being called in the middle of the night when someone else is actually on-call.

Dr. Isabel Li

CallGroup has been the most efficient, effective way for my patients and colleagues to connect with me that I have ever experienced. During the years that I have used this system, I have experienced no system downtime, no system failures ­– it has been faultless. Changing schedules is easy, finding out which of my colleagues is on call is easy, the whole setup is easy.

Dr. Brian Morris

CallGroup has really simplified call for my colleagues and I. The central number is great as it allows for the various services [and] hospital locating to get in touch with the appropriate on-call physician.

Dr. Kent Russell

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