Designed with Physicians in Mind.

Everything You Need to Make On-Call Simple.


No App to Install

CallGroup is simple to use. There’s no app to install or update, and no need for IT support.


Works with Multiple Devices

CallGroup redirects your incoming calls to your choice of any or all of three numbers. It works with mobile phones, home phones, office extensions and even pagers.


Instant Online Schedule Changes

Your CallGroup calendar changes become active before the next incoming call.


One-Click Calendar Subscription

You can add your group’s on-call schedule to your personal calendar in Outlook, Apple Calendar, Google Calendar and other popular apps.


No More Paper Schedules to Distribute

Stop distributing paper on-call schedules to hospital departments and locating services. Send them a single read-only link to your group’s always-up-to-date CallGroup schedule.


Your Private Phone Number Stays Private

Callers connect to you through your group’s dedicated CallGroup phone number – they never see your private number.


Customizable Call Handling

CallGroup lets you customize how incoming calls ring on your devices – sequentially, simultaneously, or only on selected devices. Voicemail-to-email and SMS text notification are available as additional options.


CallGroup’s Virtual Attendant

CallGroup can also provide you with a versatile and cost-effective virtual attendant to answer and redirect incoming calls at your practice when no one is available.

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